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The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) isn’t just another alphabet soup political committee. We’re the largest caucus of Republican state leaders in the nation with one unified goal: winning.

Through innovative strategies and record-breaking support across all 50 states, we successfully recruit and elect Republicans to state legislatures and to the offices of lieutenant governor, secretary of state, and statewide agriculture official. Through our Judicial Fairness Initiative, we also work to elect conservative judges to state courts.

In 2020, despite liberal billionaires and Leftist groups dumping half a billion dollars into state legislative races with a plan to “Flip Everything,” we saw resounding success with Republicans defending every single one of our conservative majorities. We even netted well over 100 seats and flipped two chambers red.

Join our movement fighting for a stronger America and a better tomorrow

By the numbers

Grassroots-Driven Impact


donors across all 50 states

Under $35

Average Grassroots Donation


followers on Twitter

Leading the Way


Republican trifectas (Republican governor, Senate, and House)


Republican state legislators across 50 states

61 out of 99

state legislative chambers

25 out of 45

lieutenant governors

28 out of 50

secretaries of state

11 out of 12

independently-elected agriculture commissioners


spent on electing conservative state Supreme Court justices since 2014

RSLC 2020 Key Victories

In a year full of the unprecedented, RSLC and state Republicans raised record amounts of money to both defend our conservative majorities in target states and go on offense in places you might never expect. Flipping an expected two chambers red brings our total number of state majorities to 61, and gaining well over 100 seats across the nation has set states up for a decade of strong economic policy, higher quality of education, and more health care options than ever before.


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Everything was on the line in 2020: The future of the Republican Party and, more importantly, the future of our country.

Our victories in 2020 will have implications that will reverberate for at least the next decade.

Up against national politicians, Hollywood’s elite, half a BILLION dollars in spending from Leftist activist groups, and more, conservatives like you helped save America from the Democrats’ increasingly socialist agenda of defunding the police, abolishing private health care, and implementing crippling taxes and government regulation.

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