RSLC Statement on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Resignation

WASHINGTON, D.C — Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) President Dee Duncan issued the following statement after failed New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced his resignation this afternoon.

“New Yorkers will not forget that it was their state’s cowardly Democrat-led legislature that allowed a sexual predator to remain in office for months. Their refusal to hold Andrew Cuomo accountable is just another example of how it’s all politics all the time for Democrats, and that their willingness to address the issue of sexual harassment is completely contingent on whether it helps them gain or retain power. These New York liberals will pay the price at the ballot box in 2022, not only for enabling Cuomo’s horrific treatment of women, but for standing by him every step of the way while he covered up his failed nursing home policies that led to the death of thousands of seniors — all while profiting off the pandemic.”

Following the sexual harassment allegations against Governor Cuomo and the revelation that his administration rewrote a nursing home report to shield the his disastrous policies from increased scrutiny, the RSLC in March called for his resignation and released polling showing he could be a drag on down ballot Democrats come 2022. Independents across 14 key state Senate and state Assembly districts represented by Democrats said that they would be 65% less likely to support a Democrat legislator if they learned they were standing by Governor Cuomo.