Washington, DC — The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) today announced a new round of candidates for its “2021 Virginia Spotlight Candidates” series. The RSLC is proud to support Republicans like these who are fighting to expand opportunity in Virginia and push back against the failed policies from Democrat-controlled Richmond.

The slate of candidates running for the House of Delegates demonstrate the RSLC’s commitment to expanding the future of the party with candidates that have deep ties to the communities they represent. Virginia’s Republican statewide ticket already includes an entrepreneur and political outsider candidate for governor, a Black Jamaican American and veteran candidate for lieutenant governor, and a Hispanic candidate for attorney general. It will be strengthened by the 23 women, 8 minorities, 20 veterans, 18 young Republicans, and 35 business owners running for the House of Delegates.

Mike Cherry — Virginia House District 66 — @MikeCherryforVA

Mike is a pastor and Air Force Veteran serving as the Head of School at Life Christian Academy. He will work to expand access for families to get vouchers or tax credits to send their kids to the school that best fits their needs. Mike’s educational background has shown him that education funding should be tied to students, and not radical teachers’ unions.

Kathy Byron — Virginia House District 22 — @KathyByron

Delegate Byron is a small business owner and represents Virginia’s 22nd District. She is a champion of conservative policy and is a member on the National Board of the American Legislative Exchange Council, where she serves as State Chair for Virginia. Delegate Byron will continue to be a leader on policies that promote economic growth and expand workforce training and development programs.

Lee Ware — Virginia House District 65 

Delegate Ware spent 29 years as a teacher at Powhatan High School and currently represents Virginia’s 65th District. In 1995, he became the first public school teacher to be appointed to the State Board of Education. Delegate Ware will continue to prioritize limited government and lower taxes so Virginia families and businesses can prosper.

David Wilson — Virginia House District 95 — @TheNewRightVA

David is a community leader with a proven record of getting things done when career politicians fail. When predators targeted kids at bus stops, David organized a citizen patrol of 70 men. When a disabled man was murdered, he led 200 people to demand the city create an alert system for missing disabled, elderly, and mentally unstable citizens. He will be a fierce advocate for his community, law enforcement, and Virginia families in Richmond