Will Douglas Joins RSLC Podcast to Respond To Publicity Stunt of Texas House Democrats

Washington, DCTexas Democrats in July fled to Washington, D.C. on private jets, hypocritically failed to follow CDC guidelines, and abandoned their taxpayer-funded jobs. In doing so, they not only blocked commonsense election integrity efforts largely supported by a majority of Americans, but also left crucial legislation on the table — like more money for retired teachers, increased funding for foster care and law enforcement, and property tax reform — solely to engage in in a publicity stunt to raise money. As Texas Democrats continue their political theater, the Republican State Leadership Committee today released a new episode in its podcast series “It’s Bigger Than You Think,” featuring an interview with Will Douglas, a small business owner, pharmacist, and Texas Republican activist. During the episode, Douglas discusses the Democrats’ embrace of the extreme defund the police movement, Texas’ successful GOP-led economic recovery, and the ongoing publicity stunt of Texas House Democrats.

Watch the full episode HERE.


Will Douglas on the importance of having Republican state leaders:

“It’s more important than ever. I think we’ve all realized in the last year and a half or so just how quickly that American Dream can be snatched from you by big government. When you look at the current state of the Democrat party and how far to the left that they’ve gone, they’re radical. They’ve got this radical, socialist agenda. They’re destroying the economy. They seem primed and ready to lock us down all over again, close our businesses, and to take over our healthcare…We have to have strong Republicans up and down the ballot because our country is slipping into the grips of this radical, socialist agenda.”

Will Douglas on Texas House Democrats publicity stunt:

Well, first of all, it’s absurd. This was a publicity stunt. They want to claim that it’s voter suppression, and that’s not the case and they know. And, them fleeing the state was just a last ditch effort to get attention and to raise money  — period. Unfortunately, they’re ignoring their duty to Texans. Listen, regardless of what political ideology people have, these folks were not elected to the Texas House to flee the state on private jets. Texans didn’t elect representatives to go hide in Washington DC. I mean, if you’re trying to get something done the last place in the world you want to go is Washington DC. It’s unfortunate. Texas deserves better leadership.”

Will Douglas on Texas House Democrats blocking more than just election integrity bills:

“Governor Abbott called for a special session to get a lot of these items solved for Texans. Just to name a few there’s bail reform, which would keep our streets safer. You talk about border security which under the Biden Administration has been a complete and total disaster. You have thousands of people lined up at our southern border, a lot of them carrying covid, just pouring in on a daily basis. There were domestic violence prevention measures. There was a Texas retirement for retired teachers funding. Retired teachers were expecting to get a little additional income and you know, and teachers are supposed to be one of Democrats’ strongest voting blocks, and they turned their back on them. We’ve already talked about the property tax relief and as well as fixing our foster care system. The list goes on and on. There were a lot of priorities, a lot of bills that would help Texans and Democrats turned their backs on it.”