Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman Joins RSLC’s Podcast to Discuss Election Integrity

Washington, DC –The Republican State Leadership Committee today released a new episode of its podcast “It’s Bigger Than You Think,”  featuring an interview with Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman, a member of the RSLC’s Commission on Election Integrity. During the episode, Secretary Wyman discusses the best practices report on making it easier to vote and harder to cheat that the Commission published last week, her unique role on the Commission as an election official from a Democrat-led state, how she has worked in her home state to expand voting access without sacrificing security, and why H.R. 1 would be a disaster.

“It’s Bigger Than You Think,” which is released bi-weekly at 2 PM ET and is available on SpotifyAnchor, and Youtube, contains in-depth discussions with current and former state Republicans, national thought leaders, and top political strategists about the outsized impact state government has on the everyday lives of all Americans.

Click HERE for the full interview.


Wyman on the Importance of Balancing Access and Security 

“Ultimately, an election administrator’s job, and that would include Secretaries of State of course, is to inspire public confidence that the election was accurate and fair. The way you do that is keeping access and security in balance.”

Wyman on the Monstrosity That is HR 1

“It’s going to make it impossible for states to have any kind of innovation or creative thought to improve our voter processes and elections. That’s the inherent flaw…in the bill itself.”

Wyman on Being Responsible to the Voters

“It’s just so important that states have the ability to create and make good laws that serve their voters and their states. The Secretaries of State are responsible to their voters and they stand for election every four years, in some cases every two years, to answer to their electorate. .. We’ve got to figure out a way that we remember that we are serving all of our voters and not just those voters in our respective parties.”