Vulnerable Virginia House Democrats Exposed for Attempting to Backpedal from Anti-Law Enforcement Records

“That could be what sinks Askew, Cole, and Tyler”

Vulnerable Virginia House Democrats Alex Askew, Joshua Cole, and Roslyn Tyler were exposed today in a new report for attempting to rewrite history on their anti-law enforcement records now that the campaign season is in full swing. The National Review’s story notes that the three radical liberals, despite previously calling to defund the police and voting to weaken law enforcement, all are now hypocritically trying to campaign on a pro-law enforcement agenda.

As the National Review reported of their campaign season flip-flop,

  • “It is an emphasis that is at odds with their previous views, and those of their political patrons on these matters. Askew, Cole, and Tyler are all part of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, which in 2020 came out in support of “DIVESTING from large law enforcement budgets & INVESTING more in communities [emphasis theirs],” establishing a “Civilian Review Board with subpoena power,” and ending qualified immunity entirely.”

“Along with the campaign season, Virginia Democrats’ rabid hypocrisy is in full swing. Alex Askew, Joshua Cole, and Roslyn Tyler are attempting to rewrite their dangerous anti-law enforcement record that has resulted in a 20 year high murder rate and has Virginians increasingly concerned about their safety. From turning a blind eye to the parole board scandal to advocating to defund and weaken law enforcement, Virginia Democrats cannot be trusted to keep the commonwealth safe.” -RSLC Spokeswoman Cally Perkins

Read the full story HERE.