Texas Border District Representative J.M. Lozano Joins “It’s Bigger Than You Think”

“It really is a crisis, absolutely.“

Washington, DC — The Republican State Leadership Committee today released a new episode in its podcast series, “It’s Bigger Than You Think,” featuring an interview with Texas state House Representative J. M. Lozano. Representative Lozano discusses his experience as an immigrant, his time serving in the Texas legislature, why he switched parties, the impact of the border crisis is having on his district, and how Texas Republicans are fighting back against the open borders policies coming out of Democrat-controlled Washington.

Illegal immigrants are attempting to cross the southern border at the highest numbers in two decades. There were more than 172,00 encounters in March, and 19,000 children were found traveling alone just this month. Recently, Joe Biden admitted there was a crisis at the border, but the White House quickly backtracked, saying ‘crisis’ is not the position of the administration. During his interview, Lozano points out that the border crisis was created by the open border policies of the Biden-Harris Administration that put at risk the safety and security of Americans and migrants alike.

“It’s Bigger Than You Think,” which is released bi-weekly at 2 PM ET and is available on SpotifyAnchoriTunes, and Youtube, contains in-depth discussions with current and former state Republicans, national thought leaders, and top political strategists about the outsized impact state government has on the everyday lives of all Americans.

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Rep. Lozano on the border crisis: 

“President Biden appointed Kamala Harris the border czar… she comes from California where they have the highest number of illegal immigrants. They are failing financially as a state. And we cannot let Texas fall into that economic turmoil. President Biden said, “you should come.” No. We have to have a border. We have to have people that respect our laws and follow the legal pathway into this country the way my family did.”

Rep. Lozano on changing parties:

“I ran as a conservative Democrat in the primary. I beat my opponent. And low and behold, I’m a Democrat filing a bill for border security, essentially…The whole party, at the time, was killing my bill. So, I attached it as an amendment in a very sneaky way, and the Republican party helped me. It became law. Landowners now have immunity from frivolous lawsuits brought by those evading arrest, specifically targeting what was happening in my district. And, then I switched parties. I didn’t even look back.”

Rep. Lozano on the situation at the border:

“It really is a crisis, absolutely. If that’s not a crisis, I don’t know what is.”

Rep. Lozano on his dad immigrating to America:

“I was born in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico. My dad is a doctor. When he finished in his final year of medical school the US had a skill-based immigration program and the US wanted more doctors. My dad applied. He scored very high on his exams, and that enabled him to come to the US, do his residency in medicine. My dad always told us that this country offers you incredible opportunity. Be proud to be an American because this is the country that gave us all the opportunities we have. My dad would always tell us… if he were a doctor in Mexico, he would be practicing medicine in the day, driving a taxi cab at night, and maybe able to support the family. It’s socialized medicine in Mexico. And in this country if you work hard and you’re a law abiding citizen, you can do great things.”