RSLC Release New Video Highlighting Mission For 2021-2022 And Beyond

Features Numerous National Leaders Who First Served At The State Level

Washington, DC — Fresh off a 2020 election in which it overcame over $500 million in combined Democrat state spending to hold all 59 Republican-controlled legislative chambers, flip two more, and add two trifectas, the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) today released a new video highlighting its mission for 2021-2022 and beyond.

The Future,” the 90-second video, details the two main goals of the RSLC: electing state Republicans this cycle who will hold the line against Democrat-controlled Washington, and building the bench of the future Republican leaders of tomorrow. The video illustrates the latter by featuring numerous national leaders who first served at the state level.

“With Democrats in complete control of Washington and looking to expand their radical liberal agenda to every corner of the nation, electing strong conservatives in the states has never been more important,” said RSLC President Dee Duncan. “We are looking forward to the opportunities we have to hold our narrow majorities as well as continue to play offense because we know that the future of the Republican Party depends on the success we have this cycle.”

Watch the “The Future” HERE.


In 2020, radical liberals and leftists mega donors spent billions to transform America into a socialist utopia.

Democrats took control of Washington.

But Republicans in the states stood up and won big.

Now, state Republicans are the last line of defense against a new era of big liberal government: Higher taxes, reckless spending, government run health care, radical environmentalism.

Washington liberals and their Democrat allies in the states want a national transformation. At the Republican State Leadership Committee, we’re leading the fight to stop them.

We recruit, train, and support Republican candidates from every walk of life in every corner of the country, so that businesses grow, children learn, families stay safe, and our nation thrives. It’s up to us to make sure Republicans have the tools and resources they need to run smart, cutting edge campaigns that win where it matters most. And when our leaders succeed here, they’re prepared to succeed anywhere.

The future of the Republican party and the future of our country starts right here at the RSLC.

RSLC By the Numbers

  • 10 current Republican governors previously served as lieutenant governor
  • 21 current Republicans in the U.S. Senate previously served in state office
  • 107 current Republicans in the U.S. House previously served in state office
  • 23 Republican trifectas
  • 61 of 99 state legislative chambers
  • 25 of 45 lieutenant governors
  • 28 of 50 secretaries of state
  • 11 of 12 elected agriculture officials

RSLC’s Historic  2020

  • 75% of RSLC Statewide Candidates Were Successful in 2020
  • First North Carolina African American Lt. Governor: Mark Robinson
  • First Georgia Republican Latino state Senator: Jason Anavitarte
  • First Nebraska Latino Legislator: Ray Aguilar (re-elected)
  • First Iowa Latino Legislator: Mark Cisneros
  • First Iowa Republican Asian American Legislator: Henry Stone
  • First Ohio Indian American state Senator: Niraj Antani
  • First Texas Korean American Legislator: Jacey Jetton
  • First Wisconsin African American Republican state Senator: Julian Bradley
  • First Wyoming Native American state Senator: Affie Ellis (re-elected)
  • Youngest Kansas Female state Senator: Kristen O’Shea