RSLC Launches “Holding The Line” Initiative

Effort will highlight work of state Republicans serving as counterweight to Biden’s disastrous economic agenda

Washington, DC — Chaos. Dysfunction. Crisis. In just a few short months, the Democrats controlling Washington are already wreaking havoc on American families with their tax-and-spend agenda. These harmful policies, however, are not translating everywhere, as the historic election cycle the Republican State Leadership Committee  had in 2020 is allowing state Republicans to be America’s only line of defense against the spread of socialism.

To highlight this dynamic, the RSLC today launched “Holding the Line,” a new initiative dedicated to informing Americans about the ways conservatives in the states are serving as the counterweights to President Biden’s disastrous economic agenda. “Holding the Line” will consist of a new web page tracking state Republican policy successes, as well as possible paid media opportunities in the future.

“Joe Biden should be thanking state Republicans for counteracting his disastrous economic agenda by advancing smart priorities that are leading the way to a stronger America and a better tomorrow,” said RSLC President Dee Duncan. “It should come as no surprise that conservative states are recovering from COVID-19 far better than their Democrat counterparts and the country as a whole, and we will continue to emphasize this contrast through initiatives like “Holding the Line” throughout this election cycle.”

Click HERE to view the “Holding the Line” web page and click HERE to view the new video the RSLC released in conjunction with today’s announcement.


National unemployment is stagnant due to labor shortages across the country, inflation is at a 13-year high, and gas prices are at a 7-year high. What’s worse, even Biden’s economists are admitting that the reckless tax and spending increases the President is proposing will not be able to stop America’s economic growth rate from falling to 1.9 percent two years from now. Below are just some examples of the alternative economic agenda that state Republicans have offered this year.


  • Republican lawmakers in ArizonaFloridaWest VirginiaGeorgiaOklahomaIowaOhio, and Idaho are implementing tax cuts that let Americans keep their hard-earned tax dollars in their own pockets.
  • The Republican-dominated Iowa legislature passed legislation to scrap the inheritance tax and speed up the phasing in of income tax cuts.
  • Idaho recently passed a law that provides homeowners and businesses with property tax relief by raising exemptions and raising the property tax reduction for qualifying seniors.


  • Republican states like TexasFlorida, and Alabama, who never imposed strict lockdowns, are the leading the way on economic recovery.
  • As many states are advancing toward full job recovery post-COVID, states with Republican leadership are at the vanguard of this economic turnaround. States such as Idaho, Texas, Arkansas, New Hampshire, and others lead their democratic counterparts in fastest job recovery.
  • According to 4th quarter 2020 data released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, conservative trifectas have experienced the largest increases in Gross Domestic Product growth. Key states include: South Dakota, Texas, Alaska, Mississippi, Tennessee, Iowa, Nebraska, and Utah.
  • Conservative-led states like Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, among others, have passed sweeping legislation that provides businesses coronavirus liability protections in order to aid economic recovery.