RSLC Launches Five Figure Digital Ad Buy In New Jersey and Virginia Highlighting the Harms of Cancel Culture

“The left cancelled our jobs. They are coming for yours next.”

In a new digital ad that it will begin running in New Jersey and Virginia this week, the Republican State Leadership Committee is highlighting the hypocrisy and self-defeating results of the Democrats’ cancel culture crusade. The ad is backed by a five figure buy, will run in multiple targeted districts in each state, and is the first paid media initiative the RSLC has launched in either state ahead of their 2021 legislative elections.

“Hardest Hit,” a 30-second spot, emphasizes that the Democrats’ recent lie-based pressure campaign that forced the Major League Baseball All Star Game to move from Atlanta will harm the very minority communities liberals claim to champion the most. It notes that the same cancel culture tactics that will cost Georgia $100 million could be waged against New Jerseyans and Virginians if they don’t reject the Democrats at the polls in November.

“Democrats claim to be the ultimate defenders of minority communities, but their willingness to trample on Atlanta’s economy to advance their partisan political agenda shows their true colors,” said RSLC President Dee Duncan. “Now that the woke cancel culture mob knows it can get its way by peddling lies and threatening the economic well-being of anyone that disagrees with them, there is no telling whose livelihood will be next. Voters in New Jersey and Virginia were watching what happened in Georgia and know that state Republicans are their only line of defense against the Democrats’ cancel culture hypocrisy.”

Watch “Hardest Hit” HERE. 


NARRATOR: A great American pastime. The left took our game and weaponized it. 

NEWS ANCHOR 1 (audio): Pulling its All Star Game out of the Atlanta Braves stadium 

NEWS ANCHOR 2 (audio): The state could lose more than $100 million. 

NEWS ANCHOR 3 (audio): Simply crushing 

NARRATOR: Who was hardest hit? The concession stand worker planning on overtime. The hotel staff expecting full capacity. The small businesses doing everything they can to survive a pandemic. We must end the cancel culture madness. The left cancelled our jobs. They are coming for yours next.