RSLC Hails WinRed’s Announcement of New Features for State Republicans

Washington, DC — The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) today hailed WinRed’s announcement that they will now be providing new features to state Republicans to allow them to better compete with Democrats who partner with the liberal money machine, ActBlue. WinRed’s new “State-level Slates” will allow donors to give to multiple state-level candidates and organizations at once through pages and upsells.

“We know full well that state Democrats will be as well funded as ever before this cycle, but today’s news from WinRed is a fantastic development that will allow us to fight back and ensure that we have more resources to stop the socialist policies we are seeing in Washington spread to the states,” said RSLC President Dee Duncan. “The new capabilities announced today wouldn’t have been possible without WinRed, the RSLC, and our leaders in the states all working tirelessly together to make it happen. We look forward to a continued partnership with WinRed and more success in the next two years.”

State Republicans have long been playing catchup with their Democrat counterparts when it comes to low dollar fundraising, and the disparity is one of the main reasons why conservatives have been outspent in state races in recent cycles. In Virginia’s 2019 legislative elections, ActBlue raised $17.2 million for Virginia Democrats – Republicans were outspent that year by $15.2 million. Democrats are not slowing down this cycle either. As ActBlue noted earlier this month, In the first quarter of 2021, “dollars raised for state (Democrat) candidates who have an election in 2021 more than doubled compared to Q1 ‘19.” WinReds new features, if maximized, will allow state Republicans to dramatically boost their online fundraising and cut into this gap ahead of the 2021-2022 cycle. 


Slate pages are more easily described as team pages. They benefit multiple candidates or organizations at the same time by displaying all their WinRed accounts on one page. A donor’s gift will divide up between all parties on that page and each candidate or organization will also gain that donor’s data. This development, which was only previously available to federal organizations and candidates, will allow state Republicans to tap into the enthusiasm in the highest profile races in their state, while also continuing to build their own lists.