RSLC Announces New Round of Candidates in 2021 Virginia Spotlight Series

Washington, DC— After a week of escalated infighting by House Democrats and their challengers ahead of their increasingly competitive primaries on Tuesday, the Republican State Leadership Committee today released a new round of candidates for its “2021 Virginia Spotlight Candidates” series. The RSLC is proud to support candidates like these, who are fighting to expand opportunity in Virginia and push back against the failed policies from Democrat-controlled Richmond.

The slate of candidates running for the House of Delegates demonstrate the RSLC’s commitment to expanding the future of the party with candidates that have deep ties to the communities they represent. Virginia’s Republican statewide ticket already includes an entrepreneur and political outsider candidate for governor, an African American and veteran candidate for lieutenant governor, and a Hispanic candidate for attorney general. It will be strengthened by the 22 women, 8 minorities, 21 veterans, 19 young Republicans, and 24 business owners running for the House of Delegates.

Emily Brewer — Virginia House District 64 — @BrewerForVA

Delegate Brewer is a lifelong resident of the Western Tidewater region and represents Virginia’s 64th House District. She was recognized by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce as the 2018 Freshman Legislator of the Year for her dedication to fighting for small businesses. She will continue to push back against those who believe big government is the solution and not the problem.

A.C. Cordoza — Virginia House District 91 — @AcCordoza

A.C. is an Air Force veteran who became interested in politics during the 2008 election. Like so many Virginians, he quickly realized the Democratic Party no longer reflects the values that make him proud to be an American. A.C. works in cyber security focused on keeping Naval assets safe and is ready to continue serving his country. He will bring an outsider’s perspective to Richmond and will advocate for fresh solutions to put Virginia back on the right track.

Michael Dillender — Virginia House District 76 — @MikeDillenderVA

Mike spent the majority of his adult life serving in the Navy and advising military command posts around the globe. Since retiring from the Navy in 2019, he has worked as a financial advisor and witnessed the devastating impact that unnecessary liberal lockdowns had on small businesses. Mike will prioritize re-energizing Virginia’s economy and championing school choice.

Roxann Robinson — Virginia House District 27 — @DelRRobinson

Delegate Robinson is an accomplished optometrist who gives back to her community by treating Special Olympic athletes. She currently represents Virginia’s House District 27 and has led the fight for ethics reforms and increased transparency in Richmond. She’s ready to continue working to reinvigorate our economy and ensure the next generation has the tools necessary to achieve economic independence.