Washington, DC — The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) today announced a new round of candidates for its “2021 Virginia Spotlight Candidates” series. The RSLC is proud to support Republicans like these who are fighting to expand opportunity in Virginia and push back against the failed policies from Democrat-controlled Richmond.

The slate of candidates running for the House of Delegates demonstrate the RSLC’s commitment to expanding the future of the party with candidates that have deep ties to the communities they represent. Virginia’s Republican statewide ticket already includes an entrepreneur and political outsider candidate for governor, a Black Jamaican American and veteran candidate for lieutenant governor, and a Hispanic candidate for attorney general. It will be strengthened by the 23 women, 8 minorities, 20 veterans, 18 young Republicans, and 35 business owners running for the House of Delegates.

Terry Kilgore — Virginia House District 1 — 

Delegate Terry Kilgore is a practicing attorney in Gate City and serves as the Dean of Institutional Advancement at the Appalachian School of Pharmacy in Grundy, Virginia. He is the Ranking Member on both the Courts of Justice and Labor Committee and Commerce Committee. Delegate Kilgore serves on several boards and organizations, such as the Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission, the Coal and Energy Commission, and the Southwest Virginia Health Authority, Southwest Virginia Cultural Heritage Foundation, and the Southwest Virginia Public Education Consortium among others. He will continue to be a conservative for voice for responsible spending, advocate for conservative judges, and ensure there is opportunities for all Virginians to achieve the American Dream.

Gina Ciarcia — Virginia House District 2 — @GinaCiarcia

Gina Ciarcia is the wife of a Marine Corps veteran, a teacher, and mother. During her tenure as an educator, she devoted her time and energy to providing quality education to her children and students through years of homeschooling, tutoring, and full-time teaching. As a military spouse, she knows first-hand what it means to serve on the home-front and the sacrifices those families make. As a mother of five, she knows that families are the building blocks of every community, and good policy never undermines the family. Gina will fight against efforts to politicize public education, support Virginia’s law enforcement officers, and advocate for legislation that supports and protects our veterans and their families.

Ben Baldwin — Virginia House District 31 — @BenBaldwinVA

Ben Baldwin served in the United States Marin Corps for 10 years. He currently works as a financial advisor helping families plan for their future financial success. He is a member of the Prince William Chamber of Commerce and the Veterans Council and Economic Development Committee. Baldwin is also a husband and father of one. As the son of a retired Alexandria Deputy Sheriff and school principal, Ben knows the importance of championing academic excellence, holding the parole board accountable, and modernizing Virginia’s economy to make it a better state to start a business. 

Tim Anderson — Virginia House District 83 — @AssocAnderson

Tim Anderson is a husband, father, small business owner, and attorney. Tim has spent his entire career working to maintain law and order in Virginia. As a teacher’s husband, he supports expanding school choice so parents can make the best decision for their children. As an experienced business owner, Tim will fight against higher taxes and overbearing regulations on Virginia businesses. Tim will work to reduce Richmond’s unchecked executive power and fight attempts to defund law enforcement officers.