Washington, DC — The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) today highlighted a new round of candidates in its “2021 New Jersey Candidates Spotlights” series. The RSLC is proud to support candidates like these, who are fighting to revive New Jersey’s struggling economy and push back against the failed policies from Democrat-controlled Trenton.

Joe Pennacchio — New Jersey Senate District 26 — @JoePennacchio

Senator Pennacchio is a retired dentist representing New Jersey’s 26th District. He is an accomplished legislator who has been recognized by multiple watchdog organizations for fighting to lower New Jersey’s sky-high taxes. He is committed to cutting government waste, protecting open spaces, and expanding government transparency for citizens.

Nancy Munoz — New Jersey Assembly District 21 — @NancyFMunoz

Assemblywoman Munoz is a nurse, and mother of five and grandmother representing New Jersey’s 21st District. She helped champion legislation that protects children and families to create a safer New Jersey. She will continue to work to improve the state’s public health system and protect victims of domestic violence.

Adam Elias — New Jersey Senate District 14 

Adam personifies the American Dream. He immigrated to New Jersey as a child and went on to become a lawyer and small business owner. Like many New Jerseyans, Adam is frustrated with the constant failures from Democrat-run Trenton and feels it is time for new leadership that will work for the people they represent. His focus will be on creating an environment where it is easier to raise a family and find a good-paying job.

Richard Super — New Jersey Assembly District 6 — @RichSuper4NJ

Richard is the Vice Chairman of the New Jersey Better Business Bureau and a small business owner. Working in his father’s store from a young age taught him the value of hard work and allowed him to learn business from the ground up. In Trenton, he will fight to lower New Jersey’s highest in the nation property taxes and reverse the state’s reputation as one of the worst to do business in.