NY State Democrats Have Two Options: Demand Cuomo’s Resignation or Begin Impeachment Proceedings

Unnecessary deaths during a pandemic. A shuttered economy. Dysfunctional vaccine distribution. Children shut out from schools. And now multiple allegations of sexual harassment. Governor Andrew Cuomo has failed the people of New York and it’s time that state Democrats, most of whom have spent the last year shamelessly defending him, hold him truly accountable by demanding his immediate resignation. Those who fail to do so will be held accountable themselves in the next cycle of legislative elections.  

RSLC President Dee Duncan issued the following statement:  

“Enough is enough. Governor Cuomo has lost control of his state and it’s the people he’s supposed to be serving who are paying the price. The New York Democrats that have stood by him every step of the way through his failed pandemic response are now trying to hide behind an independent investigation because they lack the courage to apply their party’s standards to one of their own. Every single one of them should immediately call for Governor Cuomo to resign. 

“The recent sexual harassment allegations against Governor Cuomo only compound a disastrous tenure that includes putting seniors at risk and trying to cover it up, botching the state’s vaccine rollout and distribution, and crippling small businesses with unnecessary lockdowns. If Governor Cuomo refuses to step aside for emotionally damaging his staff and putting his public relations tour over protecting New Yorkers during this pandemic, his Democrat enablers in the legislature should join with Republicans who have already begun the impeachment process.”