Key NY State Democrats Taking Marching Orders From DLCC Chair And Sticking By Cuomo

Refuse To Hold The Governor Accountable For Failed Leadership

Washington, DC– As the disaster that is Andrew Cuomo’s governorship continues to worsen, key state Democrats in New York are taking their orders from Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Chairwoman Andrea Stewart-Cousins and refusing to hold him accountable for his failed leadership. This should come as no surprise given these same Democrats spent the last year shamelessly backing Cuomo and his pandemic policies that have led to unnecessary deaths, a shuttered economy, dysfunctional vaccine distribution, and children out of schools.

Stewart-Cousins said in a television interview yesterday that Cuomo’s “apology is important,” as she defended her ongoing effort to avoid holding the governor accountable by hiding behind an independent investigation. The following key Democrats should stop taking their marching orders from Stewart-Cousins and immediately demand Cuomo’s resignation.

  • State Senator Peter Harckham
  • State Senator James Gaughran
  • State Senator Kevin Thomas
  • State Senator John Brooks
  • Assembly Member  Judy Griffin
  • Assembly Member  Monica P. Wallace
  • Assembly Member  Carrie Woerner
  • Assembly Member  Marianne Buttenschon
  • Assembly Member Michael Cusick
  • Assembly Member  Al Stirpe
  • Assembly Member Didi Barrett
  • Assembly Member Billy Jones
  • Assembly Member Simcha Eichenstein
  • Assembly Member Steven Cymbrowitz

“The New York state Democrats who think they can trick their constituents into believing they are holding Governor Cuomo accountable for his failed leadership are sadly mistaken,” said RSLC Communications Director Andrew Romeo. “The truth is that they have stood by his train wreck of a governorship every step of the way, and if they continue to side with their boss Andrea Stewart-Cousins and her refusal to call for Cuomo’s immediate resignation, New Yorkers will fire them in 2022.”

The refusal of the key Democrats listed above to hold Cuomo accountable is all the more pathetic when there are a number of members of their party who have already done so.

The New York state Democrats who have Cuomo’s impeachment  include:

  • State Senator Julia Salazar
  • State Senator Jabari Brisport
  • Assembly Member Emily Gallagher
  • Assembly Member Phara Souffrant Forrest
  • Assembly Member Zohran Mamdani
  • Assembly Member Marcela Mitaynes

New York state Democrats who have called for Cuomo’s resignation include:

  • State Senator Alessandra Biaggi
  • State Senator John Liu
  • State Senator Gustavo Rivera
  • State Senator Jessica Ramos
  • State Senator Julia Salazar
  • State Senator James Skoufis
  • Assembly Member Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas
  • Assembly Member Ron Kim
  • Assembly Member Yuh-Line Niou
  • Assembly Member Harvey Epstein
  • Assembly Member Nathalia Fernandez
  • Assembly Member Angelo Santabarbara
  • Assembly Member Tom Abinanti