Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez Joins RSLC Podcast

Washington, DC— The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) today released the first episode of its new podcast “It’s Bigger Than You Think,”  featuring an interview with Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez. During the conversation, Lieutenant Governor Nuñez talked about the critical work she is doing in Florida to fight back against socialism and promote conservative policy, and how she hopes to serve as an inspiration for other minorities and women looking to make a difference in government.

“It’s Bigger Than You Think,” which will be released bi-weekly at 2 PM ET and will be available on Spotify, Anchor, and Youtube, will contain in-depth discussions with current and former state Republicans, national thought leaders, and top political strategists about the outsized impact state government has on the everyday lives of all Americans.

Click here to watch the full interview.


Lieutenant Governor Nuñez on her upbringing

“My parents were from Cuba. They came to this country [America] in 1961, obviously fleeing tyranny and communism and oppression. Their focus really throughout their entire time here in this country was to provide for a better future for me and for my sisters. They were really big on hard work, determination, and education, and patriotism. They love this country.”

Lieutenant Governor Nuñez on Florida’s handling of the pandemic

“We made difficult decisions. We protected those most vulnerable… but we also recognize this was a dual crisis- a global health pandemic and also an economic crisis… Every job is essential.”

Lieutenant Governor Nuñez on being a minority woman in a leadership position

“It’s a big privilege. It’s a big responsibility too because there are a whole host of young women, young hispanics that can look and say wow she became the first Hispanic female Lt. Governor. And I wear that, of course, as a badge of honor. But, I also tell people make sure whatever you do and whatever category or industry you want to make a name for yourself in, do it with passion, do it with pride.”