DLCC’s “Spotlight Candidates” Have Enabled School Closures

Washington, DC- The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) today released its first round of “Spotlight candidates” for the 2021 election cycle and all of them have one thing in common – they have enabled school closures through the end of the academic year.

Virginia state Democrats have continually sided with their teachers union backers and blocked Republican efforts to immediately open schools. Just weeks ago they opposed adding an emergency clause to the reopening bill now awaiting Governor Northam’s signature that will not get kids back into the classroom until the summer. A stunning report by the National Review in February even exposed that Virginia teachers unions have exchanged thousands of emails with Democrats on the subject of school reopenings, and that the lawmakers in question have launched a coordinated effort to conceal their correspondence with the unions from the public.

“When given the chance to follow the science and open schools for in-person learning five days a week this year, Virginia Democrats have continuously sided with the teachers unions funding their campaigns over the kids they are supposed to serve,” said RSLC Communications Director Andrew Romeo. “All of these incumbents will have to answer for the irreparable harm they have done to the academic, emotional, and physical well-being of Virginia students, which is what they are continuing to exacerbate by not urging Governor Northam to add an emergency clause to the school reopening bill.”