Ag America Announces 2021 Executive Committee

Washington, DCAg America, a caucus of the Republican State Leadership Committee, continues to celebrate National Agriculture Week today by announcing its executive committee for 2021. Ag America is the nation’s top organization dedicated to electing and supporting Republican state agricultural leaders.“With the agriculture industry contributing over a trillion dollars to America’s GDP, the success of our farmers is critical to the success of the nation,” said Ag America Chairman and Iowa Agriculture Secretary Mike Naig. “I’m excited to continue working with the RSLC to elect responsible conservative leaders to oversee the agriculture industries of their respective states, and look forward to continuing on our past success at Ag America.”

“We have built a team of top notch leaders who understand what it takes to support our farmers and the agriculture industry at large,” said RSLC President Dee Duncan. “I am eager to continue working with each of them to keep our control of agriculture offices across the country, so Republicans can remain in charge of the vital task of feeding the nation.”

Ag America Executive Committee
Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig, Chairman
Louisiana Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain, Vice Chair
West Virginia Agriculture Commissioner Kent Leonhardt, Finance Chair
Arkansas Secretary of Agriculture Wes Ward, Engagement Chair

About Ag America
Ag America is the only organization in the United States committed to supporting and electing independently-elected agriculture officials in states across the country. Since 2019, Ag America has fought to protect America’s ag future through forward-thinking agricultural reforms that recognize the importance of the ag industries to the U.S. economy. In addition, their advocacy for free market policies helps strengthen both America’s farms and agribusiness as a whole. Of the twelve statewide elected agricultural officials, Republicans hold eleven of those offices.