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The Republican Legislative Campaign Committee (RLCC) is the only national organization dedicated exclusively to electing more Republicans to state legislatures.  The RLCC’s primary mission is gaining Republican control of more state legislative chambers by targeting national resources to support winnable local races.  Since its formation in 2003, the RLCC has assisted in bringing successes to numerous legislative chambers, and winning historic majorities in states nationwide.  In the 2013-2014 cycle, the RLCC picked up ten new legislative chambers leading to an all-time historic high of 69 Republican chambers held.  The RLCC provides financial training and strategic assistance to state legislatures, ensuring that candidates are equipped with the necessary tools to run effective and efficient campaigns, including organized campaign training schools in key states across the country.


Chairman Kraig Paulsen
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Kraig Paulsen | Iowa Speaker of the House

Speaker Kraig Paulsen was first elected to the Iowa House in 2002 and serves House District 35, northern and western Linn County.

Kraig was born on September 9, 1964 in Monticello, Iowa. His father, Dr. Kenneth Paulsen, is a veterinarian. His mother, Marilyn Felker, is a retired hospital transcription manager. Kraig has one brother and two sisters, all who live in Linn County.

Paulsen attended school in the Cedar Rapids School District where he graduated in 1983 from Cedar Rapids Kennedy High School. He went on to attend Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa where he graduated in 1987. Kraig received his MBA in 1994 from the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Minot, North Dakota. He also received a Juris Doctorate from the University of Iowa in Iowa City in 2003…

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 Kiley Smith, RLCC Executive Director