State Republicans Hit Trifecta in Pennsylvania Special Elections

Republicans deliver victories in Pennsylvania despite nearly $1mm in Democratic spending. Republican K.C. Tomlinson defeats Democrat in suburban district Hillary Clinton won by 9-points

WASHINGTON – Following Pennsylvania state Republicans’ sweeping victories in three special elections – one being held in a district Hillary Clinton won by 9% – RSLC President Austin Chambers issued the following statement: 

“Democrats keep spending – Republicans keep winning. State Republicans have kicked off 2020 with victory after victory in states all across the country, and now, in Pennsylvania, including in one suburban district that Hillary Clinton won by 9% in 2016. Despite Democrats spending nearly $1 million to support their far-left candidates, Pennsylvania’s proved that conservative policies are working in their communities and in Harrisburg. Make no mistake about it: these are important wins tonight that make clear Republicans have great momentum up-and-down the ticket heading this year. Thanks, Democrats.”

The RSLC invested nearly $200,000 in supporting the Pennsylvania’s House Republican Campaign Committee’s special election get out the vote (GOTV) efforts through digital and radio advertisements in the commonwealth. Democrats spent close to $1 million to attack House Districts 58 and 18, where Republicans Eric Davanzo and K.C. Tomlinson won respectively.