RSLC Applauds Republicans on Holding Florida State House and Senate Majorities

Republicans defend state House and Senate despite historic Democrat spending to flip state legislature

WASHINGTON – The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) applauded Florida Republicans for successfully defending the Republican majorities in both the house and senate, successfully beating back the Democrats’ nearly $25 million effort to buy the liberal majorities in the Sunshine State. 

“Voters stood up against the rising tide of socialism and the onslaught of liberal money in Florida, and Republicans emerged victorious in the statehouse,” said Austin Chambers, RSLC President. “Our conservative majorities in the Florida state Senate and House will continue to pass common-sense policies that will help Florida businesses recover and thrive again.”

“Democrats’ rallying cry to expand their power was nothing but a hidden call for socialism, and Floridians knew better than to let them take over our legislatures,” said Jeanette M. Nuñez, Lieutenant Governor of Florida and RLGA Co-Chair. “This year was more important than ever for the future of our great state and country, and I am proud of the Florida Republicans who helped us hold on to victory.”

“Which party will control the US House for the next decade depends on the control of state legislatures who will decide redistricting, and Florida Republican candidate wins ensure Republicans will control redistricting in Florida,” said Bill McCollum, RSLC National Chairman and former Florida Congressman and Attorney General. “The radical left will do whatever it takes to transform America into a socialist country, but I am proud to share that our Republicans will not back down. Congratulations to all candidates who won their elections – the RSLC looks forward to continuing our work together.”

“Republicans were able to successfully defend the Florida majorities because Floridians have seen the results of Republican leadership in recent years and know which party gives them the tools to make their lives better – Republicans,” said Steve Crisafulli, former Florida Speaker of the House and RSLC Board Member. “Holding the majorities will allow Florida to remain one of the most business-friendly states in the nation. I look forward to seeing the work our incumbents and freshmen members can accomplish together.”

The RSLC identified Florida as a top priority in its ‘Right Lines 2020’ redistricting initiative to protect Floridians from liberal gerrymandering after the next Census.