RSLC’s Record-Shattering Q3 Fundraising Haul Positions State Republicans to Compete Against Massive Liberal Spending

State Republican Committee nearly triples last comparable fundraising period, adding more than 20,000 online donors

WASHINGTON – The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) and its strategic policy partner, the State Government Leadership Foundation (SGLF), announced this morning that the groups have closed out another record-shattering fundraising period, raising a combined $23 million in the third quarter. The RSLC’s fundraising haul cements the committee’s unprecedentedly solid position to defend Republican state majorities, raising triple what the committee raised in the same period during last presidential election cycle in 2016. A key element of that exponential growth is the extraordinary enthusiasm among Republican low-dollar donors. In just the third quarter, the RSLC added more than 20,000 new low-dollar contributors, and raised 947% more online than it did in the previous quarter.   


RSLC President Austin Chambers said of the announcement, “We’ve known from the beginning that in order to compete in this election cycle with the hundreds of millions of dollars being spent in the states by the radical left, we needed to raise more than we ever have before – and we’re doing exactly that. But with Election Day just 33 days away, our toughest battles still remain in front of us. Liberal megadonors are continuing to pour unheard-of sums of money into state races across the country, activating the full weight of the Democratic Party. That’s what we’re up against in the final five weeks. And though we’re damn proud of what we’ve accomplished thus far, we need every American who wants to save our democracy to step up, contribute what they can, and vote for Republicans. All of our futures depend on it.”   


In just the last few weeks, far-left organizations have committed millions of dollars in additional investments in key states, where legislatures will be tasked with redrawing congressional and state district maps next year: The DLCC announced an additional $16 million in October spending in battleground states; Michael Bloomberg committed $100 million to help Democrats up-and-down the ticket in Florida; Bloomberg’s gun-control group, Everytown, announced “at least $10 million” to support legislative candidates in key states like North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Texas; and Forward Majority revealed its “major blitz” of more than $15 million to flip the Texas, Arizona, and Florida legislatures.


“The outcomes of these elections will decide our nation’s direction for the foreseeable future, and it’s our job to provide state Republicans with the resources they need to protect our democracy,” said RSLC Board Member Karl Rove. “However, the harsh reality is that liberal megadonors are underwriting a massive leftward shift in the Democratic Party and our nation’s politics, spending whatever it takes to get that done. That means we need to build on the momentum of our 3rd quarter fundraising – not rest on it. The threat Democrat victories pose to America is real: the threat to our free enterprise economy, the defunding of our police, and the dismantling of fundamental freedoms. Everything is at stake. We must battle every single day in this final month and take nothing for granted. America is counting on us.”