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What is the RSLC?

About RSLC

The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) isn’t just another alphabet soup political committee. We’re the largest caucus of Republican state leaders in the nation with one unified goal: winning.

Through innovative strategies and record-levels of support, we successfully recruit and elect Republicans to state legislatures and judicial seats as well as the offices of lieutenant governor, secretary of state, and statewide agriculture official. We are champions of oft-ignored races, leading the fight to stop radical socialism’s spread through the states.

With nearly 200,000 donors across all 50 states, the RSLC has been able to invest millions into state races since 2002. In the 2017-2018 election cycle alone, we spent a record $45 million, directly contributing to Republican victories across the country. By maintaining 59 of 99 legislative chambers, holding 24 lieutenant governor seats, and protecting 29 secretaries of state offices, Republicans have never been in a stronger position to pass legislation and advocate for voters in their states.

By the numbers

Grassroots-Driven Impact


donors across all 50 states

Under $35

Average Grassroots Donation


followers on Twitter

Leading the Way


Republican trifectas (Republican governor, Senate, and House)


Republican state legislators across 50 states

62 out of 99

state legislative chambers

25 out of 45

lieutenant governors

28 out of 50

secretaries of state

11 out of 12

independently-elected agriculture commissioners


spent on electing conservative state Supreme Court justices since 2014

Over the last four election cycles, the RSLC expanded its Future Majority Project and Right Women, Right Now initiatives, spending nearly $30 million to elect over 120 new Republicans of diverse ethnicity as well as over 500 new women to state offices. To follow along on our mission to win in the states, follow us on Twitter @RSLC and sign up for our email list here.

Executive Committee

Bill McCollum
Former U.S. Congressman and Attorney General
Christopher Rants
Vice Chairman
Former Speaker of the House
Barbara Comstock
Former U.S. Congresswoman
Steve Crisafulli
Former Speaker of the House
Luis Fortuño
Puerto Rico
Former Governor
Mark Hutchison
Former Lieutenant Governor
Reince Priebus
Former RNC Chairman
Jodi Rell
Former Governor & Lieutenant Governor
Karl Rove
Former Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush
Joe Straus
Former Speaker of the House
Christine Toretti
Women Lead PAC Founder and RNC National Committeewoman