RSLC Political Director: Jorge-Tuñón: “We Can’t Allow Laws to be Changed on the Fly”

WASHINGTON – Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) Political Director Edith Jorge-Tuñón recently sat down with former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Lyndsey Keith for Newsmax’s Spicer & Co. to discuss election integrity.

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Election Integrity and Ballot Harvesting: “I don’t think anyone is arguing against absentee voting. We know many states already have this practice in place. It’s part of their Constitution. What we’re saying is we can’t allow laws to be changed on the fly without proper procedure and protocol because that’s when you start having bags of ballots left on the side, not getting counted. And that’s really when you start to lose the integrity of elections all around.”

A Bipartisan Plan for Voting: “A good example of things being done correctly with bipartisan support is Louisiana. You have a Democratic governor, and you have a Republican secretary of state. They both agreed on the terms and conditions to allow for absentee voting in their upcoming election. And so again, it goes back to this understanding of absentee voting laws already exist in all 50 states. It’s how do we alter them to the very specific situation that we’re in, which is what Louisiana has done. So Louisiana is allowing for absentee voting, but it’s very specific to COVID- 19 cases, whether you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, whether a family member has been diagnosed, or whether in the last two weeks you’ve been recovering. So it’s not this kind of free for all, where anyone who wants is either going to get a ballot or is going to get a request. There’s a specific guideline that needs to be followed.”