This Week in RSLC News: Democrats form lieutenant governors group, Colyer and Kobach are in a dead heat, and more

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On Tuesday, Democrats announced they will once again mirror Republican success at the state-level after a decade of losses and form the Democratic Lieutenant Governors Association (DLGA).  The move is just the latest attempt from the Left to crawl back to neutral in down-ballot races.  In a statement  to the Washington PostRSLC Vice President Justin Richards said, “Republican Lt. Governors have been highly successful in a competitive political environment where multiple, strong Republicans are stepping in to run.”  Republicans currently hold 31 lieutenant governor posts across the country, while Democrats only hold 14.


RSLC President Matt Walter was interviewed by The Hill regarding the political outlook for Republican state legislatures.  “There’s always challenging environments out there, and you have the long-term historical trends that you have to be aware of,” Walter said but additionally pointed out that Republicans currently hold over 400 state legislative seats in districts carried by Hillary Clinton as an indicator that Republican down-ballot candidates can still win in adverse top of the ballot contests.

In an unofficial tally of election results from Tuesday night’s gubernatorial primary, Secretary of State Kris Kobach leads Governor Jeff Colyer by less than a one hundred vote margin.  Colyer’s campaign has said they will wait for remaining provisional ballots to be counted before deciding whether or not to ask for a recount, while Kobach’s campaign has asked Republicans to stand with him as they move towards November.  Both Colyer and Kobach were former Executive Committee members of the RLGA and RSSC, respectively.

Kansas Speaker Pro Tem Scott Schwab secured the Republican nomination for secretary of state on Tuesday and will face off against Democrat Brian McClendon on Election Day.  As secretary of state, Schwab would be in charge of overseeing elections and business filings.

In a recent opinion article by Job Creators Network CEO and President Alfredo Ortiz, he highlights how President Donald Trump’s aggressive strategy on trade has been vindicated after European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker agreed to work toward the elimination of tariffs on U.S. industrial imports in return for the same treatment from the United States.