ICYMI: Richmond Times-Dispatch Endorses Jill Vogel for Lieutenant Governor

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ICYMI: Richmond Times-Dispatch Endorses Jill Vogel for Lieutenant Governor

WASHINGTON, D.C. (October 30th, 2017) — The Richmond Times-Dispatch has endorsed Republican state Senator Jill Vogel for Lieutenant Governor, another sign that momentum is on the side of the Republican ticket in Virginia’s upcoming elections.

The editorial, released earlier Monday morning, cites Vogel’s legislative experience over her opponent’s lack of readiness to serve as the state’s chief executive in case of an emergency:

“[Justin Fairfax] is not, however, prepared to step into the office of governor in the event of an emergency. Vogel — who has represented part of Northern Virginia for a decade — clearly is. As a member of the Senate, she also is intimately familiar with the chamber over which she would preside as lieutenant governor.”

The endorsement goes on to highlight Vogel’s independent positions on the campaign trail and during her time as a state Senator compared to Fairfax’s progressive party line positions:

What’s more, despite lambasting Vogel for marching in lockstep with the GOP — a false charge — Fairfax apparently does not deviate anywhere from Democratic orthodoxy. By contrast, Vogel has parted ways with Virginia Republicans in several key areas, including gay rights, gerrymandering reform, and environmental protection. Yet she has stood up for important conservative ideas such as school choice and free enterprise.

The RSLC has contributed $835,092 to Vogel’s campaign since she became the Republican nominee in June of this year. The investment is the second largest expenditure from the RSLC for a Lieutenant Governor’s race behind its 2016 support for North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest. Earlier this summer the RSLC ran a digital campaign against Vogel’s opponent, Justin Fairfax, over his opposition to energy pipeline construction in Virginia which put him at odds with the rest of the Democratic ticket.

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