North Jersey Special Interests Go All in For Colin Bell

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North Jersey Special Interests Go All in For Colin Bell

Republican State Leadership Committee Announces TV Ad Campaign Against Colin Bell

WASHINGTON, D.C. (October 19th, 2017) – Today, the Republican State Leadership Committee announced a television ad buy targeting Democrat Colin Bell over his support from special interest groups who back expanding casino gaming to North Jersey.

Colin Bell has received tens of thousands of dollars in campaign cash from special interest groups who openly endorse gaming in North Jersey[1]. Doing so could be a death knell for Atlantic City, leading to further casino closings and job losses in the district Bell is supposedly running to represent.

RSLC President Matt Walter released the following statement regarding Bell’s special interest support:

“Special interests are putting all their chips behind Democrat Colin Bell because they know he supports their efforts to expand gaming to North Jersey. Voters in Bell’s district deserve to know who is all in for Colin Bell and how their political agenda would cripple Atlantic City’s economy.”

This announcement comes two days after the RSLC announced a television ad focused on Vin Gopal’s support from union bosses who backed New Jersey’s largest gas tax increase in state history.