Future Majority Friday Candidate: Daniel Perez

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State and Legislative District 

Candidate for Florida’s 116th House District

What inspired you to run for public office?

My inspiration is my family and the future of my community. District 116 is home. This is where I grew up, went to high school, and currently live. Being able to represent my family, friends, and neighbors would be the opportunity of a lifetime. As a person that grew up in this area, I understand the issues we face within our community. I truly believe I am the best person to represent District 116 in Tallahassee.

When AND WHY did you first begin to identify as a Republican?

I have identified as a Republican my entire voting life. Simply put, Republicans stand for issues that are important to me – limited government, lowering taxes, and standing by our constitution.

If elected what do you see as being your top legislative priorities?

As the oldest of 3 siblings, I have had the blessing of growing up with an autistic younger brother. I have witnessed firsthand the lack of programming, care, and funding in the realm of special education. If given the opportunity to serve in Tallahassee, I hope to be a pioneer for special education.

What is an issue you are hearing about from voters that you don’t think the media is talking enough about?

Traffic! Miamians are tired of sitting in their vehicles for hours per day to get to and from work.

When you are not campaigning what else do you like to do in your free time?

Well, on my free time I enjoy cycling with friends and partaking in short distance triathlons. The rush of competing in triathlons is a unique experience.

If you could go back in time to any historical moment what would it be and why?

Take me back to the 1939 Summer Olympics in Berlin. Being able to watch Jesse Owens win multiple gold medals in the face of adversity and exclusion would be the perfect moment to witness.

What app on your phone would you not be able to live without?

“Rotoworld”. I am a huge sports freak. Rotoworld updates me on the most recent news regarding all sports and basically consumes all of my phone battery!

If you would like more information about Daniel Perez please visit his website at http://danielperez116.com/.