RSLC Launches Ad Campaign Contrasting Liberal Yvonne Lewis Holley with Conservative Mark Robinson in North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Race

Committee’s contrast campaign includes television, digital, and direct mail pieces in neck-and-neck race

WASHINGTON – The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) today launched a six-figure advertising campaign, contrasting Yvonne Lewis Holley’s record of liberal failures with Mark Robinson’s conservative leadership and vision of a brighter future for North Carolina. The campaign includes television and digital advertisements, as well as direct mail. The latest public polling shows the race in a statistical tie – a reflection of rapidly growing support for Robinson’s ideas, and the rejection of Holley’s support for higher taxes, providing taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal immigrants, voting against a pay raise for teachers, and voting to eliminate private health insurance in the middle of a public health crisis.

“The RSLC is happy to enlighten the people of North Carolina about Holley’s liberal record – it’s evident that higher taxes and stricter gun laws are a tough sell in the Tar Heel State,” said RSLC President Austin Chambers. “Mark Robinson is a true American Patriot who stands for law and order, the rebuilding of our economy, and protection of our inalienable rights. The RSLC is committed to making North Carolinians aware that Holley’s failed policies would shutter the economy and allow for anarchy in the streets.”

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Meet Yvonne Lewis Holley. Her record? Everything wrong with Raleigh.

Holley supports higher taxes while also giving taxpayer (funded) benefits to illegal immigrants.

All of that while voting against a pay raise for our teachers.

But Yvonne Lewis Holley didn’t stop there. She even wrote a law that could eliminate your private health insurance in the middle of a pandemic.

After twenty years in politics, Yvonne Lewis Holley’s record is everything that’s wrong with Raleigh.

Mark Robinson was highlighted in the committee’s July “2020 Candidate Spotlight” series. Robinson is a true American patriot who served in the Army Reserves as a medical specialist. Despite a difficult childhood, he and his family were able to overcome adversity and know they could achieve whatever they put their minds to. Mark embodies the American Dream and is a true self-made small business owner. He is focused on fighting for the life of the unborn, ending indoctrination in schools, defending the Second Amendment, improving veteran care, and standing up for our law enforcement.

Mark took the media by storm when he stood up against the Greensboro City Council in defense of rights granted to Americans by the Constitution.