RSLC-JFI Congratulates Newly-Elected Conservative Supreme Court Justices in North Carolina

Three conservative justices deliver devastating blow to Democrats’ previously-held 6-1 majority

WASHINGTON – The Republican State Leadership Committee’s (RSLC) Judicial Fairness Initiative (JFI) released the following statement congratulating three North Carolina conservative Justice-elects and five Court of Appeals Judge-elects:


“Congratulations to all of the conservative judges on running races that appealed to North Carolina voters’ sense of fairness and their respect for the rule of law,” said JFI Executive Director Andrew Wynne. “These diverse candidates clearly had the record of accomplishment and the judicial philosophy desired by the voters of North Carolina. As staunch defenders of the Tar Heel State’s rights and freedoms, they will help pave a path for more conservative justices in the 2022 election cycle.”


Republicans swept three seats on the Supreme Court and five seats on the Court of Appeals on the ballot this year. Democrats now hold a slim 4-3 majority on the North Carolina Supreme Court. The recent wins set the tone for the 2022 elections as an opportunity for Republicans to regain majority control and defeat the two Democratic incumbent justices up for election. 


Republicans started the 2020 election with only one conservative justice holding one of seven seats on the state’s highest court. North Carolina’s and, frankly, the country’s future was at stake as challenges to the next legislative and congressional redistricting maps will be heard by this court. Democrats have shown a willingness to broadly interpret the state constitution’s free elections clause to authorize the court to require maps to be redrawn, and justices committed to the rule of law combat Democrats’ liberal judicial activism.  


Justice Paul Newby challenged and defeated Chief Justice Cheri Beasley for the Chief Justice’s seat. And Judge Phil Berger Jr. and former legislator Tamara Barringer defeated their Democratic opponents for the other two seats on North Carolina’s Supreme Court.