RSLC Completes Best First-Quarter Fundraising Haul in Committee History

Committee continues its record-setting fundraising stretch in preparation for redistricting election cycle
WASHINGTON – Adding to the streak of record-setting fundraising hauls in the opening months of the 2020 election cycle, the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) today announced its best Q1 fundraising haul in the committee’s history, raising over $6 million — beating the committee’s previous first quarter record by more than $1.4 million.

The record-breaking success signals the committee’s strength in capturing the growing energy in the Republican Party and positions state Republicans to continue winning up-and-down the ballot in key elections throughout the year.

“Despite massive liberal spending and blank checks from Mike Bloomberg, George Soros, and others, Republicans continue to break records and remain focused on raising the resources required to win in November,” said Austin Chambers, RSLC President. “Our team is second to none. They have done a remarkable job and even in these unprecedented and challenging times, we cannot stop working to make sure we have the tools we need to win in every corner of the country. Elections are getting closer and more expensive each day.”

“Everything is on the line this election cycle, and this fundraising quarter shows that Republicans are all-in to make sure our candidates are ready to win up-and-down the ballot in 2020,” said former Ambassador Ron Weiser, RSLC National Finance Chairman. “Though we are breaking records and raising more than ever before, Republicans have to remain focused. We’ve had great success so far this cycle, but we know what we’re up against this fall: A Democratic Party desperate to make gains in the states – and liberal megadonors willing to spend whatever it takes to buy a decade of power. We must continue doing all that we can to protect our Republican majorities across the country.”

Republicans are not only off to a strong start with fundraising in 2020, but they are already winning in critical elections across the country. In a Texas state House election Democrats labeled as a “bellwether,” Republican Gary Gates beat back millions of dollars and several Democratic presidential candidate fly-ins for House District 28. Democrats thought they had deep-blue Connecticut in the bag, but Republican Harry Arora emerged victorious in House District 151. Republican Richard White won Kentucky House District 99, flipping the first legislative seat of the year in a historically blue district – a district held by Democrats throughout its entire history. Most recently, Republicans secured three major victories in Pennsylvania special elections despite Democrats spending $1 million –  including winning a suburban Philadelphia district that Hillary Clinton won by 9 points. The RSLC will continue to make sure that Republicans have the tools to win in every corner of the country.