RSLC Applauds State Republicans on Holding Texas House and Senate Majorities

Committee invested nearly $10 million to defend Republican trifecta in Texas

WASHINGTON – The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) released the following statement after Republicans delivered historic holds in the Texas House and Senate, despite the state being Democrats’ top priority and the onslaught of millions of liberal dollars dumped into the Lone Star State.

“Congratulations to the Texas republicans who held strong and defended the statehouse,” said Austin Chambers, RSLC President. “Liberal coastal elites spent every last bit of energy and every dollar they could find – flooding Texas in an attempt to take the soul of the state. Texans let Democrats know they cannot and will not be bought, and we couldn’t be more proud to celebrate these wins. Republicans rose up and fought back to keep Texas, Texas.”

“Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and their well-funded machine were no match for Texas Republicans. Once again, Democrats failed at turning Texas blue, but it wasn’t for lack of money or effort,” said Karl Rove, RSLC Board Member. “Even while Left-wing billionaires dumped millions in Texas to finish the job Holder and Obama couldn’t, Republicans had an organized, targeted strategy to protect the Texas state House, and it worked.”

The RSLC sent more money to Texas than any other state in 2020. The committee spent nearly $10 million to help Republicans hold the conservative trifecta and defend the Texas state House.

As national Democrats continued their long-lost quest to ‘turn Texas blue,’ Republicans worked to protect Texans from a socialist agenda in the state legislature and from liberal gerrymandering after the Census. The RSLC identified Texas as a top priority in its ‘Right Lines 2020’ redistricting initiative, particularly as public estimates show that the Lone Star State is likely to pick up three additional congressional seats from reapportionment.

Out-of-state liberal mega-donors spent millions of dollars in Texas this year, known spending sat at $45 million prior to Election Day.