RSLC Applauds Leadership of Mississippi Republicans on Legislation to Change State Flag

WASHINGTON – The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) today released the below statement applauding Mississippi Republicans, including Lieutenant Governor Delbert Hosemann and Speaker of the House Philip Gunn, on their leadership to change the Mississippi state flag. The legislation, passed over the weekend by the Republican-controlled legislature, will move to Governor Tate Reeves, who has announced he will sign the bill into law.

RSLC President Austin Chambers said:

“Americans are hurting right now and they’re looking to their state leaders for strength and hope – Republicans like Lieutenant Governor Hosemann and Speaker Gunn are answering the call. Their courage and leadership in Mississippi over the past several days is helping to heal deep wounds and reunite a divided nation. We’re damn proud of their work to overcome challenges to achieve what can only be described as ‘the right thing to do.’

“Though we’re doubtful our friends in the media will shine on these conservative leaders the national spotlight they deserve and applaud state Republicans for taking historic action, we will. To Governor Reeves, Lieutenant Governor Hosemann, Speaker Gunn, and all the Mississippi Republicans who changed the course of history for the better this weekend: We hear you. We see you. And we’re proud to fight alongside you every single day.”      

The RSLC invested more than $300,000 in Mississippi victories in 2019, including in Lieutenant Governor Delbert Hosemann, Speaker of the House Philip Gunn, and Governor Tate Reeves’s campaigns. The RSLC is committed to electing strong, conservative candidates up-and-down the ballot in Mississippi and across the nation.