Washington, DC — The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) today announced a new round of candidates for its “2021 Virginia Spotlight Candidates” series. The RSLC is proud to support Republicans like these who are fighting to expand opportunity in Virginia and push back against the failed policies from Democrat-controlled Richmond.

The slate of candidates running for the House of Delegates demonstrate the RSLC’s commitment to expanding the future of the party with candidates that have deep ties to the communities they represent. Virginia’s Republican statewide ticket already includes an entrepreneur and political outsider candidate for governor, a Black Jamaican American and veteran candidate for lieutenant governor, and a Hispanic candidate for attorney general. It will be strengthened by the 23 women, 8 minorities, 20 veterans, 18 young Republicans, and 35 business owners running for the House of Delegates.

Matthew Lang — Virginia House District 36 — @LangForVA

Matthew Lang is a veteran, father, husband and security consultant. He recently retired from the US Navy Reserve where he spent the bulk of his career as a Master-at-Arms. He also served nearly five years as a Marine Infantryman. Matthew continued his service as a Deputy Sheriff in Fairfax and Loudoun Counties. He is currently an International Security Officer for an international aid organization and speaks Spanish, Russian and German. Matthew will be a vital advocate for veterans and members of the Armed Forces as he works to promote policies that protect the men and women who put their lives on the line every day to protect us.

Brenton Hammond — Virginia House District 43 — @BrentonforVA

Brenton Hammond served for eight years in the United States Secret Service Uniformed Division. After working with the Secret Service, he joined private defense contracting where he learned valuable lessons in working across the aisle with his colleagues. Brenton and his wife are both active in their Church and local business community. After witnessing elected officials only serve themselves, special interests, and their own political party, Brenton decided to run for the House of Delegates to bring change to Virginia. He’ll work to increase public safety, expand economic opportunity, and protect public education.

Tim Cox — Virginia House District 51 —@TimCoxforVA

Tim has spent most of his adult life serving his country as an officer in the U.S. Navy and Navy Reserve with multiple deployments across the globe. His time defending America abroad has shown him the importance of defending freedom and religious liberties at home. Tim will be a staunch defender for pro-growth policies and a voice of reason in the debate over how we educate our kids.

Buddy Fowler — House District 55 — @FowlerHyland

Delegate Fowler was a small business owner before joining the General Assembly and currently represents Virginia’s 55th House District. He chairs the Investment Committee for his Church and volunteers with the local Boy Scouts and Little League. Delegate Fowler has also been appointed to serve on the Board of the Virginia War Memorial, the Virginia Board of Veterans Services, and the Volunteer Firefighters and Rescue Squad Workers’ Service Program among others. He’s an active outdoorsman and is a member of numerous outdoor organizations including Ducks Unlimited, the National Wild Turkey Federation, the Virginia Hunting Dog Owner’s Association, and the Slate River Bird Dog Club.  Delegate Fowler will continue to provide support for law enforcement so they can keep our communities safe and will work to expand access to broadband in rural areas.

Will Wampler — House District 4

Delegate Wampler is a lifelong Virginian representing the 4th District. Prior to establishing his own law practice, Will clerked for Virginia Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth McClanahan and worked for a public affairs and consulting firm, McGuireWoods Consulting, where he focused on education and workforce issues, public infrastructure, and economic development in Virginia. He has a proven track record of job creation in Southwest Virginia with his implementation of the economic initiative, GO Virginia. Delegate Wampler will continue to expand economic opportunity in Virginia and make sure the voices of local teachers and administrators guide education policy instead of Richmond bureaucrats.

Ed McGovern — House District 42 — @EdMcGovernVA

Ed is a retired resource manager for the Department of the Army with deeps roots in Northern Virginia. Ed joined the Fairfax County Republican Committee in 2017 following retirement. He is Newington’s Precinct Captain and has worked on and supported campaigns for Republican candidates in Fairfax County and the 42nd District. Currently, Ed is serving his second term with his Homeowners Association Board and was involved with coaching and League Director positions with Youth Sports. Richmond’s incompetence in dealing with Covid-19 and schools has sprung him out of retirement and back into public service. Ed will immediately get kids back in school five days a week, no exceptions. He will also work to lower the cost of prescription drugs and modernizing our infrastructure.

Nancye Hunter — House District 71

Nancye pulled herself out of homelessness by working every job she could from waiting tables to accounting and finally owning her own business. She is concerned the draconian measures implemented by Democrats have caused irreparable harm to our students and small business owners. Nancye understands what it means to work, live, and own a business here in Richmond and wants to improve that life for everyone. Nancye will work to expand school choice, get government out of businesses’ way, and protect right-to-work in Virginia.

Jordan Gray — House District 93 — @Gray4Delegate

Jordan is a 6th grade U.S. History teacher and Youth Pastor who stays involved with his community by tutoring refugee children and mentoring at-risk youth. As the first to attend college in his family, he found a passion for education in underserved communities. Currently, Jordan attends All Nations Church in Newport News where he actively tutors children, assists with the food bank, and helps with the teen ministry. As a teacher, he understands the flaws with our education system and is a firm believer in expanding school choice for all parents. Jordan will cut taxes to help our small businesses and defend law enforcement from far-left attempts to defund them.

Will Morefield — House District 3

Delegate Morefield is a small business owner currently representing the 3rd District of Virginia. He knows that coal means jobs and has stood up to radical liberals attempting to push the left’s job-killing environmental agenda. Delegate Morefield initiated Project Jonah, the largest aquaculture project in the world, bringing hundreds of jobs to Southwest Virginia. He will always fight to protect local businesses, create jobs, and ensure teachers and students aren’t held captive by radical teachers’ union interests.