RSLC Announces Multi-Million Dollar Campaign to Keep Georgia Red Ahead of Redistricting

RSLC identifies Democrat Minority Leader Bob Trammell as “top target” in the nation


WASHINGTON –  In primary elections Tuesday in Georgia, where Democrats are salivating over the very real prospect of finally turning the state blue, Republicans nominated arguably the strongest slate of state candidates in recent memory. The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC), who has already invested nearly $400,000 in Georgia in the 2020 election cycle, has identified the state as a top-three national priority this year and is announcing a multi-million dollar campaign to hold Georgia Republicans’ legislative majorities ahead of the redistricting process set to take place next year. The committee is also announcing that defeating House Democrat Minority Leader Bob Trammell – whose district was won by President Donald Trump and Governor Brian Kemp in 2016 and 2018, respectively – as the committee’s top priority race nationally, and will immediately begin campaigning to flip his seat with a deftness and intensity unknown to Trammell and his liberal underwriters – the television starts this morning.   


RSLC President Austin Chambers issued the following statement:


“We aren’t taking anything for granted in Georgia. Democrats have been making gains here for years and if our Party doesn’t take that threat seriously, we could see our state majorities wiped away. Fortunately, voters tonight nominated one of the strongest slates of state Republican candidates we’ve ever seen – and we’re well-positioned to win this fall. Georgians know that conservative leadership has helped to reopen the economy, create new jobs, keep people healthy, and our communities safe; and they know Democrats will not just erase that good work, but usher in an era of dangerous policies that destroy jobs, keep people from the jobs they do have, and to allow violent criminals to run freely in the streets. We have to defeat them – and we will.”


Republicans are in a strong position to hold their majorities in the state House and Senate, with 15-seat and 7-seat margins, respectively. The RSLC last month unveiled one key path to victory for Georgia Republicans in the all-important 2020 redistricting cycle, identifying four opportunities to flip districts currently held by a Democrat but won by Donald Trump in 2016.


Data in a recent poll commissioned by the Republican State Leadership Committee shows that state Republicans are, despite a false narrative widely accepted by the media, in a strong position to win up-and-down the ballot this fall. Down-ballot Republicans have likewise earned high marks, with voters selecting Republicans by a 47-42% margin on the generic ballot for the state House. 


Georgians also realize that Democrats aren’t prepared to lead the state, with only 39% of Georgians saying the state would be better off if Democrats were in charge of state government.