RSLC Announces Endorsements in Key Texas Primary Elections

Committee investing $200,000 in Republicans Jacey Jetton in Texas H.D. 26, Justin Berry in H.D. 47, Glenn Rogers in H.D. 60, Dan Flynn in H.D. 2, and J.D. Sheffield in H.D. 59

WASHINGTON – The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) today announced critical endorsements for Jacey Jetton in H.D. 26, Justin Berry in H.D. 47, Glenn Rogers in H.D. 60, Dan Flynn in H.D. 2, and J.D. Sheffield in H.D. 59. The committee also announced today it is partnering with the Associated Republicans of Texas (ART) and investing $200,000 to help support these candidates in runoff elections. 

“When strong, Republican candidates have the resources they need to win, Democrats lose,” said RSLC President Austin Chambers. “The Democrats are wasting their time and money on Texas. We are all-in to keep Texas, Texas — and we won’t allow the radical left to take over the Republican majority.”  

As national Democrats continue their long-lost quest to ‘turn Texas blue,’ the RSLC has worked to protect Texans from a socialist agenda in the state legislature and from liberal gerrymandering after the Census. In 2019, the RSLC identified Texas as a top priority of its ‘Right Lines 2020’ redistricting initiative, particularly as public estimates show that the Lone Star State is likely to pick up three additional congressional seats from reapportionment.   

Associated Republicans of Texas Board President Jamie McWright added: “We aren’t taking anything for granted this cycle – there is too much at stake here in Texas. The Republican Party has never been so unified with one common goal: winning. The RSLC will be key to helping us protect the Majority in 2020. In order to preserve our Texas way of life, we are committed to pouring every resource possible into strong, conservative candidates.” 

Out-of-state liberal mega-donors will spend millions of dollars in Texas this year. The major Republican victory in House District 28 at the beginning of this year signaled Republicans’ continued strength and momentum heading into November. Texans are rejecting the socialist agenda up-and-down the ballot in 2020. 

The RSLC in April was proud to add former Texas House Speaker Joe Straus, longtime Republican strategist Karl Rove, and former RNC Chairman Reince Priebus to the board of directors. 


HD 26: Jacey Jetton

Jacey Jetton is a 7th generation Texan and small-business owner. He attached to a mechanized infantry unit in the 36th infantry division in the Army National Guard. In 2017, he took over the reins as Chairman of the Fort Bend Republican Party. Jetton has been a part of building two businesses, Bedrock Association Management, LLC and Jetton & Gojara, LLC. Jetton was recently endorsed by Governor Abbott. 

HD 47: Justin Berry

Justin Berry, endorsed by Governor Abbott, is an active police officer and owner of a small brewery. Berry championed Texas Senate Bill 923 – a new law making it a felony to post the personal information of a peace officer or their family online. Justin became passionate about this legislation after he was targeted by anti-police activists and saw other officers and their families receive the same malicious treatment. 

HD 60: Glenn Rogers 

Glenn Rogers is a local veterinarian and the owner and operator of the Holt River Ranch outside of Graford in Palo Pinto County. Glenn served as a director of the Texas Veterinary Medical Association and president of the Palo Pinto County Farm Bureau. His experiences with ranching and the FFA inspired him to pursue a career as a cattle veterinarian. Governor Abbott has endorsed Rogers in the H.D. 60 race. 

HD 2: Dan Flynn 

Dan Flynn, endorsed by Governor Abbott, is a U.S. Army Veteran and also served in the Texas State Guard where he was promoted by Governor Abbott to Brigadier General. Flynn was awarded the highest award for Texas military service, the Texas Distinguished Star Award, by the Texas Adjutant General.

HD 59: J.D. Sheffield 

J.D. Sheffield, endorsed by Governor Abbott, is the only rural physician in the Texas legislature. During his fourth term alone, he authored or sponsored 30 bills that passed into law and lent his name to another 20. Dr. Sheffield has served on the Public Health Committee during all three of his terms.