RSLC Announces Additional $500,000 Investment to Prevent Liberal Trifecta Minnesota

Additional investment to support state Republicans’ campaign to protect state Senate majority and to flip the state House

WASHINGTON – The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) announced today an additional $500,000 investment in Minnesota legislative races to hold the Republican majority in the state Senate and to flip the Minnesota state House – a reinforcement of the committee’s commitment to saving Minnesotans from a radical Democratic trifecta that would destroy local economies, shutter job growth, and spread the recent lawlessness in Minneapolis to every corner of the state.

“It’s no surprise that looting, rioting, and destroying cities isn’t sitting well with Minnesota’s voters – and Democrats are now scrambling to put daylight between themselves and their dangerous rhetoric that encouraged this widespread violence for the past several months,” said RSLC President Austin Chambers. “Voters, though, won’t let them get away with it – and neither will we. National and state Democrats this summer chose to defund the police, incite hatred, and sow chaos – a record they’ll have to own for the next 64 days. Our team is all-in to remind Americans that Democrats want to further divide our nation – Republicans want to repair it.”

Conservatives in Minnesota know all too well what happens when you allow socialism to creep in the state legislature. Rep. Ilhan Omar, a former state representative in Minnesota, has now clawed her way into the United States Congress – with her and her “squad” threatening the American way of life. Omar was only the tip of the spear to socialism taking over in Minnesota’s legislature. Three Democrat incumbents recently lost their state House primary to more progressive, socialist candidates – solidifying Minnesota as a breeding ground for socialists.

The RSLC’s strategic policy partner, the State Government Leadership Foundation (SGLF), illustrated the dangers of a lawless society in Minneapolis in their recent television advertisement ‘Defund Police.’ The advertisement was among the first in the nation focused squarely on the radical agenda to defund America’s police departments. The SGLF placed television and digital buys in Minneapolis, Atlanta, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, and Tampa in early June, after mainstream liberals began to adopt “defund the police” as their solution to police reform.