RSLC Launches Advertising Campaign Criticizing Georgia Democrats’ Golden-Boy Bob Trammell for Radically Liberal Record

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TV, digital, and mail advertising blitz to serve as initial general election spend in RSLC’s multi-million dollar campaign to keep Georgia red ahead of redistricting

WASHINGTON –  Following the Republican State Leadership Committee’s (RSLC) announcement that Georgia House Democrat Minority Leader Bob Trammell is a top national target in the 2020 election cycle, the committee this morning launched its first full-scale ad blitz criticizing the Georgia Democrat for his long record of support for radically liberal policies. Leader Trammell – Stacey Abrams’s successor and ‘golden boy’ of the state’s Democratic Party – has opposed federal and state tax cuts, supported allowing in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, and has stood with Michael Bloomberg’s extremist gun-control groups. The RSLC will highlight these policy failures and more starting today through targeted television, digital, and mail advertising across Trammell’s district and on the newly-launched   

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RSLC President Austin Chambers said this of the committee’s announcement:

“Georgia Democrats’ golden boy Bob Trammell has failed forward for far too long – and it’s come at the expense of the people of the great state of Georgia. That ends this year. The full weight of the RSLC will be leaning on Trammell’s district for the next 146 days: Flipping his district and ridding from the state legislature his tax-hiking, liberal ways is our team’s top priority in the country. We’re going to do whatever it takes to win. Because losing is not an option.”

Immediately following Georgia’s primary elections last night, the RSLC announced a multi-million dollar campaign to hold Georgia Republicans’ legislative majorities ahead of the redistricting process set to take place next year. The committee has already invested nearly $400,000 in Georgia in the 2020 election cycle and has identified the state as a top-three national priority this year.