RSLC Judicial Fairness Initiative Congratulates Chief Justice Armstead on Primary Victory in West Virginia Supreme Court

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WASHINGTON – The Republican State Leadership Committee’s (RSLC) Judicial Fairness Initiative released the following statement congratulating Chief Justice Armstead on his primary victory for the West Virginia Supreme Court.

“RSLC-JFI is proud to have supported Chief Justice Tim Armstead and congratulate him on his victory.  His reelection shows that West Virginia voters approve of the changes made to the Supreme Court and rejected a return to the days when Richard Neely thought he could force his secretary to babysit his kids,” said Andrew Wynne, Director of RSLC-JFI.

The RSLC-JFI invested $1.5 million in the Supreme Court primary races in West Virginia. 

Click here to watch RSLC’s Tim Armstead television advertisement.