Ohio Republicans’ Path to Victory Begins With Flipping Trump-won Democrat-Held Districts


RSLC unveils offensive strategy to flip seven Democrat-held districts won by Donald Trump in 2016

WASHINGTON – The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) today unveiled one key path to victory for Ohio Republicans in the all-important 2020 redistricting cycle, identifying seven opportunities to flip districts currently held by a Democrat but won by Donald Trump in 2016. Ohio state House seats like districts 60, 63, 75, 96, and 99 represent just a few targets for Republicans to win key flips and hold their legislative majorities to protect Ohioans from liberal gerrymandering after the next Census. The committee’s announcement today will be reinforced by robust in-state earned media and digital campaigns focused on drawing clear contrasts between the Republican Party’s record of success and the Democratic Party’s embrace of the socialist agenda. 

“There will be few states this year that will so resoundingly reject the Democrats’ socialist agenda than Ohio,” said Edith Jorge-Tuñón, RSLC Political Director. “The RSLC is proud to fight alongside Republican leaders in the state legislature to ensure that socialism doesn’t redefine the Buckeye State and the rest of our country. In a state where Democrats want Republicans forgotten and silenced, a conservative wave is rippling through blue-collar communities – and these blue-collar Ohioans will reject a Blue Ohio in November.”

As President Trump has outperformed predecessors in northeast Ohio, Democratic strongholds across the state are trending more conservative because they disagree with the Democratic Party’s socialist platform. Ohio will be a leading redistricting battleground this year, as legislative majorities will determine the difference between confirming district maps for four years or ten years. 

Two non-partisan, conservative incumbent Supreme Court seats are also on the ballot in Ohio, and the RSLC’s Judicial Fairness Initiative is working to make sure voters have the information needed to support proven common-sense judges in the state.

The RSLC in 2019 was proud to announce the addition of former U.S. House Speaker John Boehner to the team, serving on the committee’s Speakers Advisory Council. The RSLC in April also added longtime Republican strategist Karl Rove and former RNC Chairman Reince Priebus to the board of directors.