Elizabeth Warren Joins Growing Parade of Radical Leftists Desperate to Save Liberal Texas Candidate

daveNews, Press

Democrats have to-date sunk more than $600,000, staff support, and a slew of current and failed presidential hopefuls into spiraling campaign

WASHINGTON – After failing to reach even 40% of last November’s ranked choice voting special election despite a crowded Republican field and nearly a half-million dollars in financial support from outside liberal groups, the single Democrat in next week’s Texas House District 28 special election is now welcoming hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional investments from national groups and a parade of endorsements from radical leftists to help save the spiraling campaign. Beto O’Rourke, Julian Castro, Michael Bloomberg, and Joe Biden have each already lent their support to the Democrat – and now, Elizabeth Warren has joined the parade.

Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) President Austin Chambers released the following statement:

“Like clockwork, national Democrats have again convinced themselves and the media that they can turn Texas blue. This time, their dreams rest on a radical liberal candidate for a state House seat, where the party has now sunk more than $600,000 into the campaign – and where Elizabeth Warren has joined failed presidential candidates Beto O’Rourke and Julian Castro to throw a lifeline to a failing investment. Well, Texans are going to help remind Beto, Warren, Castro, and the rest of their socialist gang that Texas ain’t California – and it never will be. The only real question after Tuesday will be how much longer until Warren joins Beto and Castro as a failed presidential candidate?” 

The RSLC this week announced its endorsement of Gary Gates, the Republican candidate in the Texas special election, citing his commitment to protecting families, supporting schools, and promoting job growth in his community and across the Lone Star state.

As national Democrats continue their long-lost quest to ‘turn Texas blue,’ the RSLC has worked to protect Texans from a socialist agenda in the state legislature and from liberal gerrymandering after the 2021 Census. In 2019, the RSLC identified Texas as a top priority of its Right Lines 2020 redistricting initiative, particularly as public estimates show that the Lone Star State is likely to pick up three additional congressional seats from reapportionment.