RSLC Announces Ambassador Ron Weiser to Serve as National Finance Chairman


Former RNC National Finance Chairman to lead nationwide fundraising effort for RSLC ahead of critical redistricting cycle

WASHINGTON – The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) today announced that former Ambassador to Slovakia Ron Weiser will serve as the organization’s national finance chairman for the 2019-2020 election cycle.

“Ambassador Weiser’s leadership and fundraising expertise will be critical to ensuring that we have the resources we need to support state Republicans in every corner of the country,” said RSLC President Austin Chambers. “Everything is on the line in this election cycle and there is no one I’d rather fight in the trenches with than Ron Weiser – he’s a generous patriot with a servant’s heart, who knows how to win. Liberal billionaires are effectively underwriting the rise of the socialist agenda, while leftist groups like those led by President Obama and Eric Holder are plotting to rig our nation’s legislative lines in favor of Democratic majorities who support the same dangerous policies. It’s our job to stop them — Ambassador Weiser’s deep experience fighting back against these assaults on our freedoms will be a pillar of our success moving forward. We’re grateful for his unwavering commitment and, just like he is, we’re ready to get to work.”

Former U.S. ambassador to Slovakia Ron Weiser is a successful businessman and longtime supporter of conservative causes around the country. He previously served as the Republican National Committee’s national finance chairman and served as party chairman in his home state of Michigan. He also currently serves on the Board of Directors at the Republican Jewish Coalition.

Ambassador Weiser added, “The work of the Republican State Leadership Committee has never been more important. Republican majorities in the states over the last decade have brought Americans thriving state economies, new jobs, and important innovations in health care. That’s not all that’s at stake, though — the future of the party for the next decade hangs in the balance, as liberals led by President Obama and Eric Holder raise hundreds of millions of dollars for their state effort in an attempt to rig their way to a decades-long majority in Washington. We’re going to stop them, but it’s going to take a lot of money — that’s why I’m in this fight. The future of the country is on the line.”