RSLC Shuts Down ‘’ Fundraising Scheme from .GOP Domain Registry


WASHINGTON – Following actions taken today by the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) to shut down a grassroots fundraising scheme launched using a RSLC-owned domain registry, RSLC President Austin Chambers issued the following statement:

“The Republican Party is one team working towards one goal: winning – up and down the ballot. President Trump’s strong leadership in making WinRed a great success for every candidate and committee has been critical to that mission, and the RSLC has every intention in serving as a key partner. That’s why today we shut down ‘’ – a scheme that was launched by a money-processing firm using a RSLC-owned domain registry, without RSLC’s approval. Their actions prey on the good intentions of activists who are tricked into believing they are supporting the Republican Party. We won’t stand for this deception, and we will always do what’s right for the Party, the president, and the tens of millions of hardworking Americans who support our cause.”