In Wake of Michigan Court Verdict, Remember It’s Democrats Behind So-Called “Citizen” Ballot Initiatives

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In Wake of Michigan Court Verdict, Remember It’s Democrats Behind So-Called “Citizen” Ballot Initiatives

WASHINGTON – Following the news of the Michigan Supreme Court allowing a ballot initiative to move ahead on the November ballot that would remove the constitutional right of the Michigan legislature to draw legislative maps, Republican State Leadership Committee President Matt Walter issued the following statement:

“We are now seeing in several states an organized, orchestrated effort by Democrats to rig the system to their advantage using frivolous lawsuits and now ballot initiatives.  Democrats weren’t complaining about legislative map drawing prior to 2010 when they controlled the power of the pen in most states.  But after Republicans successfully won record numbers of state legislative seats under the RSLC’s REDMAP program, on lines largely drawn by Democrats, court battles and ballot initiatives are being orchestrated at the state level because Democrats cannot win at the ballot box – it’s that simple.  Katie Fahey and the Democrat Party activists at Voters Not Politicians are partisan hacks, and clearly, Fahey is still angry about not being able to wear her red pant suit at Hillary Clinton’s victory party in 2016.”

Michigan’s Voters Not Politicians Scam

Petition drive organizers have maintained the effort is nonpartisan. But seven of 10 board members of the Voters Not Politicians petition committee gave at least a combined $5,649 only to Democratic candidates and causes since 2005, according to state and federal campaign finance records compiled by the conservative Michigan Freedom Fund through August 2017. Two board members had since given a combined $75 to Republicans through November 2017.

Katie Fahey AP Interview from Election Night 2016:   

“My disappointment makes me not trust the rest of the world,” said Katie Fahey, who had flown to New York from Grand Rapids, Michigan, wearing a red pantsuit, expecting a victory party. “I don’t even want to go out. I want to wear sweatpants and curl myself up in a corner.”

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