This Week in RSLC News: Chris Brown Wins in New Jersey, Republicans Hold Slim Majority in Virginia, and more

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Chris Brown won his campaign for New Jersey’s 2nd state Senate district on Tuesday night. Brown has served as an assemblyman for a part of this Atlantic City area Senate district since 2011. When he announced his candidacy, Brown promised: “to fight against any possible expansion of gaming in New Jersey, pass legislation to help diversify Atlantic County’s economy, [and] fight the opioid epidemic.” In October the RSLC released an ad targeting Brown’s Democratic opponent, Colin Bell, over his special interest supporters.


“RSLC President Matt Walter was quoted in an Associated Press story regarding the elections. Asked about Democratic pickups Walter said these were “seats, that by all rights, they probably should have had already.” The article also correctly pointed out that almost all of the pickups by Democrats in Virginia occurred in districts that voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. As of Thursday morning Virginia state House Republicans maintain a slim 51-49 majority. In a press release following the results, Walter noted “Democrats spent millions more to fight in state and local races,” and that Republicans “must be prepared for the Democrats’ enhanced organization and spending abilities.”

New Jersey Republican Senate Leader Tom Kean secured the necessary votes of his Republican colleagues for another term as the state Senate’s Republican leader. “Senator Kean’s continued leadership will be critical to the success of our efforts to rebuild trust in government, create opportunities for residents, and make New Jersey affordable,” read a letter signed by 13 Republican Senators announcing their support of Kean.

In Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justices Thomas Saylor and Sallie Mundy were elected to the state Supreme Court. Saylor, who serves as the Chief Justice, easily prevailed in his retention election and Mundy, appearing on the ballot for the first time, won her election with 52% of the vote. Mundy was first appointed by Democratic Governor Tom Wolf in 2016 on an interim basis and will now serve for a full ten-year term. The RSLC’s Judicial Fairness Initiative engaged in a nearly six-figure voter education effort in these races to encourage the election of conservative, rule-of-law judges.

Republican state Senator Amy Volk was elected assistant majority leader of the Maine state Senate. Volk, in her second term in the Senate, previously served as majority whip in the Senate and was described by  The Portland Press-Herald as a “strong campaigner and fundraiser.” Following her election Volk said, “I look forward to, as I said, spreading myself out around the state and helping us maintain our majority and hopefully even a stronger majority than we have right now.”