This Week in RSLC News: Washington Examiner Covers “17 in ’17: Races to Watch” List, A Big Endorsement for WA’s Special Election, and more

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The RSLC released its “17 in ’17: Races to Watch” list this week. This year’s list includes 7 candidates who already ran in special elections as well as 10 candidates who will be on the ballot in critical races this November in New Jersey, Virginia, and Washington. The Washington Examiner praised the RSLC upon its release writing, “Women and minorities running as Republicans often face added hostility from Democrats. The RSLC is smart to highlight their races and boost their profiles.”


The RSLC released two television ads targetting New Jersey Democrat state Senate candidates, Colin Bell and Vin Gopal. The advertisements hit both candidates for donations they have received from special interest groups. The ad targeting Gopal focuses on his donations from union groups who supported the largest gas tax increase in New Jersey history. While the ad running against Bell highlights his contributions from North Jersey special interest groups who want to expand gaming outside of Atlantic City, which would directly hurt Bell’s constituents.

A slew of Virginia gubernatorial polls this week show the race tightening in the final stretch of the campaign. Monmouth University released a poll declaring the race “deadlocked” showing Republican Ed Gillespie leading Democrat Ralph Northam by one percent. Amidst the tightening polls, Politico reported, “Democrats are growing increasingly anxious about the too-close-to-call campaign.”

In other Virginia news, the Richmond Times reported, “the campaign of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam printed some fliers that excluded a picture of ticket mate Justin Fairfax to accommodate a union that has endorsed Northam but not Fairfax.” The union has refused to endorse Fairfax over his opposition to energy pipeline construction in the state. Regarding the incident, RSLC President Matt Walter said, “Fairfax’s position may appease the far left environmental lobby but it’s alienating him from his own party and from the working-class Virginians who will decide this election.’

The Seattle Times endorsed Republican Jinyoung Englund in the special election for Washington’s 45th Senate district. “Englund makes a persuasive case that her election will preserve a ‘balance of government’ that will better serve Washington state,” the Editorial Board wrote in its endorsement. The race will determine who controls the Senate in Washington as Republicans currently hold a one-vote majority.