Republicans Poised to Gain Supermajority of Legislative Majorities

Julia MazzoneNews

TO:           Interested Parties FROM:      Justin Richards, RSLC Political Director DATE:       November 4, 2014 RE:            Republicans Poised to Gain Supermajority of Legislative Majorities Polling trend lines and early voting numbers show that Tuesday night will be a strong night for Republicans up and down the ticket … Read More

President’s Perspective: Midwestern Latino Political Participation


Hispanic Heritage Month is an important opportunity in our country to celebrate the significant contributions of the Latino community in the United States from coast-to-coast and over many generations. While Hispanics have had a long and rich concentration in the states surrounding the U.S – Mexico border, the desert southwest and larger communities in New York and Florida, there is … Read More

President’s Perspective: The Importance of the Judicial Fairness Initiative


Yesterday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court, in a 5-2 ruling, upheld Governor Scott Walker and the Republican legislature’s landmark labor reforms. The reforms, known as Act 10, have already spurred innovation and job creation and created the opportunity to give middle-class Wisconsin families real tax relief. Backed by the union bosses and old corrupt centers of bureaucratic power, the enemies of … Read More

President’s Perspective: .gop Helps Republicans up Their “Game”


Since Howard Dean’s 2004 primary campaign first showed us the potential of online organizing, the political world has been taken over by technology designed to spread messages and organize supporters. This transformation has caused technology to go from a side-show within normal campaign operations to a mainstay of any operation worth its salt. The Obama reelection campaign, the gold standard … Read More