RSLC Congratulates Justin Berry on Republican Primary Victory in Texas House District 47

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The RSLC with the Associated Republicans of Texas invested $200,000 in the Texas Runoff Election

WASHINGTON – The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) released the following statement after Justin Berry secured the Republican nomination for Texas House District 47:

“Winning this district in the fall is critical to protecting our conservative majorities in Texas – and Justin is the right candidate to lead Republicans to victory,” said RSLC President Austin Chambers. “Liberal billionaires, though, are standing by, ready to spend unprecedented sums against Justin and Republicans across the state. Our team is ready to whatever is necessary to support his campaign and to keep Texas red this year – and for the decade to come.”  

Justin Berry, endorsed by Governor Abbott, is an active police officer and owner of a small brewery. Berry championed Texas Senate Bill 923 – a new law making it a felony to post the personal information of a peace officer or their family online. Justin became passionate about this legislation after he was targeted by anti-police activists and saw other officers and their families receive the same malicious treatment. 

As national Democrats continue their long-lost quest to ‘turn Texas blue,’ the RSLC has worked to protect Texans from a socialist agenda in the state legislature and from liberal gerrymandering after the Census. In 2019, the RSLC identified Texas as a top priority of its ‘Right Lines 2020’ redistricting initiative, particularly as public estimates show that the Lone Star State is likely to pick up three additional congressional seats after reapportionment.   

The RSLC announced critical endorsements in the runoff for Jacey Jetton in H.D. 26, Justin Berry in H.D. 47, and Glenn Rogers in H.D. 60. The committee partnered with the Associated Republicans of Texas (ART) and invested $200,000 to help support Republican candidates in the runoff election. Out-of-state liberal mega-donors will spend millions of dollars in Texas this year. The major Republican victory in House District 28 at the beginning of this year signaled Republicans’ continued strength and momentum heading into November. Texans are rejecting the socialist agenda up-and-down the ballot in 2020. 

The RSLC in April was proud to add former Texas House Speaker Joe Straus, longtime Republican strategist Karl Rove, and former RNC Chairman Reince Priebus to the board of directors.