VIDEO: Down-Ballot Democrats: ‘Feeling the Bern?’ Or Feeling Burned?

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Will State Democrats Walk the Plank for Socialist Bernie Sanders?

WASHINGTON – As self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders is poised to add to his impressive performance in the Iowa caucuses last month with a commanding victory this evening in New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary contest, liberals are ‘feeling the Bern’ – others are less excited.

Watch: ‘Feel the Bern’

Republican State Leadership Committee President Austin Chambers issued the following statement:

“Bernie Sanders is the leader of today’s Democratic Party. He’s driving the clown car —  straight into a ditch. But, apparently not everyone wants a ride. For down-ballot Democrats in key states, they’re bracing for impact. As one longtime Democratic strategist, James Carville, put it, ’(The Party) has tacked off the radar screen,’ and ‘(Down-ballot Democrats) will run away from (Bernie Sanders) like the devil running away from holy water.’  It’s a beautiful thing to watch…The further left they go, the more Republicans win. ‘Feel the Bern’ is quickly becoming ‘feeling burned.’”

More of What They’re Saying

James Carville on Sanders’ impact on down-ticket Democrats: ““They’ll run away from Bernie Sanders like the devil running away from holy water.” (Twitter, 2/8/20)

James Carville: “It’s like we’re losing our damn minds … [the Party] has tacked off the damn radar screen.” (Vox, 2/07/20)

WaPo’s Dave Weigel: “Sanders may be on the verge of another New Hampshire win. Democrats aren’t ready to get behind him.” (WaPo, 2/10/20)

WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin: “[Mike Bloomberg] could start pointing out that down-ticket Democrats are endorsing him, not the socialist who will drag them down.” (WaPo, 2/10/20)

  • Democrats are right to be worried that Sanders might get the nomination and then hand up four more years of Trump. They should intensify their efforts do something about it before it is too late.” 

Washington Examiner’s David Drucker: “Plans to nationalize healthcare and ban fracking proposed by Sanders and Warren could sink the Democrats up and down the ticket in key battlegrounds such as Pennsylvania…” (Washington Examiner, 2/08/20)

South Carolina Democratic Operative Tyler Jones [Responding to Ilhan Omar’s comment that “so many people are freaking out” about Bernie Sanders]: “Yep, they are called “down ballot Democrats.” (Twitter, 2/01/10)